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dear gulati.k19,

it is of no use trying to justify yourself stand here. world is not so good. you have a long life. think about what you should do than about why it has happened to you. there is no life without problems. we are only protected when we are a childrens. once we are married we have to face the real world. in this journey you will find good people and bad people. take this situation as your challange and now your education will have its real value. crying/ worrying will make you unhappy as well as to your parents and your child. you have one responsibility with you. just move on your life and forget the past once you get child support. child is his responsbility too.

In this forum except for one or two members no one will believe your story and try to demoralise you and try to put forward all the points giving justification for your husband’s action though it was unethical or immoral.. some members who talk so harsh is only because they have been other side of the same coin. their injury has not yet healed or still living in past.

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