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human being

first: she had left job 1.5 years before marriage and got engaged with me by telling she is working.i found out, she cried,i give her mercy and we got married.i

i tried my level best to find her a job,but she will never attend a interview but will cry for job.god only knows what she wanted. she is still not working and wants money to sustain herself though she is an qualified engineer.

second: i wil prove myself innocent but it will take years bcoz thats how indian law works.i have enough evidences.

third: she left house not sparing even my underwear and shaving cream.

fourth: plz donot break someone’s life if u cannot make it. its very easy to provoke someone in the mind frame of ms gulati.we should try to save marriages.

fifth: do u know what is ipc 377,its sodomny,thats what she alleged.even in medical exam she told medical persons is u cannot get 377 charge him with 376(rape). so thats how my wife is

sixth: i am not against women.i am against the misuse of law.why she had entangled my parents who donot stay with us.allegations on them are,they instigate me to beat per law do thy deserve 498a?? no

seventh: she is a well qualified lady,donot want to do job,just sit and enjoy money,cried every where to send me to jail.even divorce judge told her that u r saying lies,go with him,she said u do ur job and give me divorce

eigth:she is as tall as me and much healthier than me,she alleged that i tied her hand and then did intercource forcefully and sodomny is done daily from date of honemoon

ninth: she alleged that i used to lock her in room and go to office. where as she used to go to parlours

tenth: allegation,i doubt her and did not allow her to call anyone. when i recharged every month her mobile with 350 rs

so madam… u tell me what should i do, pamper her,lick her feet bcoz she is female… sorry i cannot do that.

i still respect all ladies,so advicing gulati ji to try sincerely