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she was my first still some where i love her. i agree with ur all points.

but i cannot find any better reasons for her doing so,she has already taken all gold of our family. now she wants divorce as soon as possible with a huge allimony.

why will she do that.

i asked her before marriage that if she donot want to marry me,she is free.but she said r u doubting me,i donot have any affair.

also whenever i ask about his old pals or past life after marriage she will start quarelling,though she is comfortable to ask and listen mine.

today got info that she is now spreading roumours that i had burned her and was admitted to hospital. and again that she was recued by some stangers from my home after listening/reading her letter thrown outside.

now u tell me what is this?

she never allowed me event to touch her mobile but used to check mine. now i donot know what was her past and cannot see anyother motive except money.

as a lady of good brain.u tell me what was my mistake. was it to marry a engineer.she is claiming that i had not permitted her to work after marriage,whereas she had left job well before marriage.

i think her parents are behind this or her lawyer. donot know.