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For ages man built house with hsi efforts, and paid all the bills of women, when i said its time for women to share same, immedietly feminists counter it saying ” IT SHOULD BE SHARED” thats shows double standred and twist of their boneless tongue.

You gave money to your husband….?

Girls parents are not ready to get married their daughter to poor man, coz they love their daughter, and she will depressed. that means they marry to money not with man. haha. what a logic. anfter getting married to wealthy man he will depressed for sure.

Study shows Todays most of the marriages are broken because of girls parents interference, and Feminists movement. and in india specialy because biased laws [ read this ( Delhi high court : Parental intrusion ruining couples marital life ) ]

yes i born out of think Air, coz i expose your true lies. and i do not admit your sob stories….

………..angoor katta…. hope you heard this story.