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To teach such man a good lesson is to intiate a legal action which are there to protect you. he will have to anyway spend the same amount(child support) to fight the cases to defend himself. it is no use of discussing/complaining here. law should not be misused but used when it is required to be used.

So you are instigating Gulati to misuse the law to teach her husband “a lesson”. You want her to file all kinds of false cases so that her husband will enrich some lawyers and come for an out of court settlement and make Gulati a rich extortionist. Wow. This goes to show the mentality of today’s women. I think the husband should take legal action against you for this.

whether you believe it or not is your personal opinion. I believe her as i have myself experienced the same. I have advised her clearly NOT TO MISUSE LAW. BE HONEST & FILE TRUE CASES (WITH PROOF) & SHE SHOULD DEFINATELY USE LAWS TO PROTECT HER RIGHTS and wait for whatever judgement happens and abide by it. If out of court settlement happen it is still better she can use it to support life of their child and secure her and her childs future. he can very well initiate legal action i will defend myself as always.