Sir according to your advice…. I was preparing myself for the next move, but on 15th may she called me in my mobile, at that time I asked her to come back and many more talks had gone the main reason for calling was she told that at the time of marriage her father gave me 4 lakhs of rupees as streedhan. (which I had never taken, it is deposited in the post office as MIS account in her home town, with her home address, and near about 2650/- Rs monthly interest is getting which i had opened a joint account in my name and my wife’s name in the same post office and directed the post office people to deposit the interest in the same account & upto till date I don’t have the pass book also with me & all these records are kept and maintained by my wife and her mother. What I want to say is that I had a solid proof that upto till date I had not received or taken any amount from their family as streedan or as a gift, I am having a solid govt. document proof. Regarding the money by the post office dealings). That MIS will mature in 2015 december, she called me asking that I should sign the pre mature voucher to get the money out from post office and so on …. And many more Bla Bla …. I asked her to come back but she told me that I asked for dowry, and I had harassed her so she will never come back. Then I asked her OK if you are not coming back then I will come over there and including money I’ll finalize all the things, regarding child, about you & your above said dowry MIS money . I went with my parents and an outsider (from my home town) because what she & her family says once they will totally lie the next time. Then we went over there and I asked the panchayat people (i.e. the pupil’s of samaaj) to come forward and pls. solve this matter (outside her house but her father refuse to come out from his house so in her house), with my parents and near about 12 people were gathered over there and we discussed about the matter, before that she told that I harrassed her, I asked for dowry …. to her neighbours and as well as in my home town where she was working. Now when the people gathered she herself says in front of the people I had never asked for dowry. After a long discussion the panchayat people asked me now what is your next step, I asked her to come back, in front of the people (panchayat members), but she refused to do so, then her father asked for divorce, the peoples gathered over there told that now we don’t have to say anything, So give a joint petition and then let the procedure begins, we agreed then next day I visited a lawyer and asked for help, he advice to give a joint petition for that I want marriage certificate and a copy of identity card. I told the same thing to my wife’s house through a relative, after two days we again go back over there & asked about the marriage certificate & I-card, then my FIL says that we don’t have the marriage certificate, (we lost it) so I say that OK no problem , you inform this to your panchayat president saying our name and date of marriage, they will give it in writing, this will work now and after that I’ll bring the marriage certificate from my home when the final decision will come then her relative said that we should have one more sitting, & offered a tea after that her father says that you have to pay 25 lakh rupees & maintenance in two months (infront of the other people) or after that we are going to file a case against you and your family. In front of the panchayat members she and her family’s demand is that I should sell my house (in which we are living) & should purchase a new house in her home town, then she will come back and live with me.

First she told that I asked for dowry & harassed her, Now she tells that only harassment (i.e. DV) no dowry asked (infront of others)

Secondly when I asked her to come back she refused & decided for divorce (joint petition)

Thirdly her relatives asked for one more sitting, & I should sell my house and purchase a new one in her home town in which my family members should not be allowed.

Now my MIL says that I told lie at the time of marriage (which I proved infront of the samaaj that she and her family members are totally lying)

Finally my FIL asks for 25 lakh rupees to settle the matter outside the court or me and my family will be in trouble.So i said that I don’t have 25 lakh of rupees, so let your daughter be with you only. (according to their wish). They are not allowing to see my child also.

(I don’t know about laws) some people advice me you sit quietly, let her parents go to the court because they says that now 8 yrs had gone after marriage and after 11 months of separation if they will go for a complaint then there will not be so much gravity in their case. (may be police will not entertain)

May be I am wrong but I came to know that now a days a new law has came (say in Oct or Nov 2012) that if a wife want to go for a case regarding dowry and related to that, then she first go in front of the magistrate and should complaint in front of the magistrate, then according to the complaint the magistrate give order to SP to investigate the matter regarding the facts, then SP or SP will appoint a person (Police) who will investigate according to the complaint & within 15 days this investigating report should be submitted in front of the the magistrate, after submission of investigating report only the magistrate will order to arrest (or go through the procedure), then we should apply for bail, & when the case come in front of the court (for hearing) then the complainant should prove all the allegations which she had made to x-party. If not then the complainant will be in trouble.

In the month of july 2013 I saw a news in TV in which supreme court says that wife should have the right of husbands parents property, but how much percent it is not decided by the court (according to TV news). If so, then I’m not interested to give divorce…….. then …… or to have divorce there should be valid reason which the complainant should prove in the court. Is it right or wrong pls advice what should be my next step.