Sir, In december 2013 I had gone to Kerala (Sabrimala every year i’m going over there), at that time i went to school, where my daughter is studying along with my father & mother. I asked the principal for my child visit. She asked me that why you come over here for child visit, (in school) why don’t you visit the child in home. Then i say that i am not a resident of kerala, I came here to visit the holy place (Sabrimala) & tomorrow i am leaving to my home town, so i came over here to visit the child (i don’t want to let her know the problems of my home), but again she freequently asks question. like how, why etc ….. So I told the truth that from sept. 2012 (I and my wife are living separetely and all the things about dowry, harassment, call back, her father ask for 25 lakhs, about panchayant people, about the talk in home etc ….). She told that I assume that there should be some problem that is why you came with your parents to visit the child in school, because there are lots of people over here those have some disputes in their married life and come over here for the visit of their child, but the child is admitted through your wife side, I’ve to take permission from your wife then only i will allow you to visit the child. I told that OK but I am her father I have the right to visit, She told that I agree with you but I have some limitations according to the school rule, so let me ask her first, if she deny then I’ll make you see your child in my own risk. Then she called my wife and asked her permission. She told that offcourse he is her father he can see, talk to child because we don’t have any problem, not having any dispute, so you allow him to see his daughter. (I totally not understand what she actually wants). When my child came to me she was very happy & don’t want to go back to the class, she is continuously insisting me that I will stay with her forever, with that emotions of my child my tears come out, because I thought that after a long time may be my daughter had forgotten me, anyhow I managed that, i had given a lot of choclate packs, dresses, cakes, pastry’s etc but the principal told that this is not allowed. Then after a long request she told that okay you keep this things in my office, i will inform her mother to come over here and collect this. I told that if she denies to do so then distribute these things to any needy people. She says that okay I’ll inform you later and taken my mobile number but she doesn’t call back. I asked my daughter to go back to class (She refused to do so & started crying, she was very happy to see me & my parents after a long time). I asked her to make me a call, but she says that I told to mother but she refuses to do so, she didn’t allow me to make calls (my daughter is having my number in her tips of tongue) Any how i managed everything & I came back. After that in feb 6th 2014, it was my child’s birthday, I sent a birthday card in her school address by post. I think on 7th she got it & because on the same day my wife called me in my land line number and started barking (my mother received it, she told that are you not ashamed of yourself to sent a birthday card to the child in school address, If you do it again i will go to the police and complaint and with out hearing anything she put the phone down.) when ever she makes a call she threatens for a police complaint, now one and half years had gone after separation. God knows the next, but if she makes a complaint then i will fight back with all my strength, even if I’ve to sell my everything for the case. I came back in January 2014 from kerala and from till date i am suffering from jaundice & backache, that is the reason of delay for posting these things. I think that on december 2015 or after that only she or her parents will file a case against me because in 2015 december only the MIS (dowry money) will mature.