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I have the Medical bills and voice record of her uncle son scolded me rude and vulgarer language.In the Charge Sheet the witness given different statements.I got Charge Sheet in exactly 90 days.

1.wife 2.father.3.mother.4,5 are external 5 and 6 are CI and SI.why CI and SI are saying they are witness.

After call from police we visited the PS on 12th April.They filed case as me along with my family went to her house on before 12th to harsh her.Is it possible.

My wife and father and mother given statements are different from each other on each situation (ex: Admitted Hospital and spent hospital charges).Is this help full to me.Shall i go for Quash.

“SI” sent a copy to Director My office saying that take action on me very.Does he have rights to ask my Director.My irector said he don’t have any rights to ask me to take action on my employee.My Lawyer said that we can take action on that “SI”.

My next court date is 20 march. so what steps i have to take now on her.if she files interim or maintenance what action i have to take against her.

There is no communication to between me and my wife and both families.

What is the next step i have to take against her because she spoiled my life and still doing that by calling and going to my relatives house.They are threatening my brother-in-laws saying we will see your end like that.

I blocked the number taken by her registered on my name.can you please send me the new amendments taken by the government about this 498A.what action should take on her for harassing me.