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I went to the women cell and had a discussion with the ACP, Enquiry officer and the other party.

Again i was asked to cough up for money and i said the following:

1. As per the list that i have submitted to the Women cell, i am willing to give away the gifts that i possess.

2. I refuse to pay the money for the sweets, Lehenga, food, liquor and other expenditure.

3. I may go ahead and pay for the food as per the number of guests from my side, that is the max i can do.

4. I may go ahead and share the expenditure for the photographer, however i would need a copy of all the pics.

5. All the gifts that we given by the guests and the relatives are with the other party and i need an info on the same.

6. I asked why the case has come in picture all of a sudden and there was no activity for around 6 months (Dec 01, 08 till May 23, 09), to which i got no reply.

7. I asked the police to refer to old statements, to which they had a negligent attitude.

After this, the police said that they are going ahead with the FIR and asked me to leave.

As per my old conversation with the complainant (my x fiance), her father has some sources in the women cell. I dont know if its true or not. However all the notices that i have received from the women cell, mentions her as Mrs., ironically we never got married.

I have recorded the full conversation.

Please suggest what do i do.