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Thank you again for your reply.

Well, we are making all efforts to comfort our brother and we have stood thick and thin as a family. It’s our fault that we brought a girl from a beggar’s family who’s eying only on money without even deserving a penny of it. I’m ashamed of myself for being a girl and looking at today’s scenario, I feel disgusted of my gender.

Anyways, I had a discussion with my brother and came to know about a fact (I wasn’t aware of) that 3 years back when this female had fought and left for her parents home, her father had threatened on phone to my brother to send me and my parents to jail. At that time, my brother had filed an NC in the police station. In the said NC my brother has mentioned about the said threat and also that if anything happens to our family, this female and her family would be responsible for it.

What I want to know is does this NC hold good against AB or should we still go for AB? We have no knowledge about the legal aspect. Few are saying that NC is as good as AB so don’t bother. We are confused. I’m trying to know more about 498a.

If I may ask, where are you from?