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Before you go there, I would suggest you to find if she already filed a case. You can do this by sending some lawyer to the police station where she lives. Sometimes police takes time to respond. During that time if you step in that area, all it takes is one phone call from her side for cops to jump into action. And you will be left with no option except to walk to police station. If she did not file a complaint then you can go to her place and deal with them. Also when you are there, see if you can talk to the writer in PS and offer him something to keep you informed if your bhabi files a case. Trust me, the writers and information is for sale. If you cannot buy the writer, keep a local lawyer who can do this. The purpose of this is that if you don’t have AB, and she filed a case then you can abscond for sometime and work on your regular bail. Also when you talk with elders and her parents, see if you can record. I know its tough but not impossible.

I know your frustration. Been there, seen it and felt it. But all we can do is raise the voice and fight it. I suggest you to join the yahoo groups (SIFF) and meet the people in the local chapter. you can network lot of wonderfull people who can help you and you can help them. its all a team efforts. Information and network is the power. We cannot run away from it. That’s the reason I say a wrong women in life only brings chaos and confusion.