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Tandoori roti

Ingredients :
Wheat flour 250 gms
Simple water as required
Ghee as required
Salt 1 pinch

Method :
Knead wheat flour in paraat(kneading pan) with water being added gradually into a soft dough of good elasticity (viscosity)
Take a lump (loi) of small orange size. Keep palms oiled. Palm roll and pat the ball into round roti of some thickness. Tandoori rotis are always hand made
Surftly stick the roti to hot tandoor wall. Use a cloth pad to stick the roti. The hot wall bakes the stuck side of roti and the coal heat of tandoor bakes the exposed side ballooning it. Retrieve baked roti. Use a hooked metal rod to do it. Many rotis can be baked at a time as the tandoor walls can allow. Pamper the rotis with ghee touch and serve with dals, sabzis or non-vegetarian fare

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