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Bimblin Pickle

Ingredients :

1 Kilogram Bimblin Wash and allow to dry
100 Grammes Mustard Seed
50 Grammes Chillies, Red Dry long
50 Grammes Chillies, Kashmir
1/2 Teacup Salt Powdered or 1 teacup salt crystals
2 Teacup Water

Wash and dry bimblins and cut. Boil water with salt till it reduces to 3/4 quantity. After it has cooled, use it to grind the chillies and mustard which have been previously roasted. Mix this masala with the bimblins. Add more of the salt water to coat all the bimblins. Keeps fresh for a long time.


Bimblins look similar to gherkins (thendlins), but are a sour fruit of a tree grown in South India. Occasionally, it is grown in other parts by Mangaloreans in their compounds

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