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Gang Rape > Deaths of People

Dateline: World
By: Pitbull
From: The Honor Network

Gang Rape > Deaths of People
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

We hear in the media that in Saudi Arabia, England, Australia, Iraq, the US and more that there are “Gang Rapes.” These are terrible in deed yes, but should they lead before multiple deaths from bombs in Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq and other spots. Given that the Duke Case succeeded in wrongly and publicly convicting some innocent young men of the charge should not the media hold off until they get the facts, or at least be a little less likely to cover these before 10s, 20s and more deaths from bombs. Is one Gang Rape worse than 10 different women getting rape by 10 different men, or 1000s upon 1000s of men being gang raped in prison.

It would seem the media says yes, these other rapes are not newsworthy, deserve less airtime, or only a brief one line statement. When was the last time you heard a story about men raped in prison? The ability to decide what the female, mangina & chivalrous (to a fault) crowd likes to see in the news means a gang rape can lead over bombs in Lebanon (or gets much more air time) over the deaths and men, women & children or the gang rape of 1000s upon 1000s of men in prisons. In Iraq we have a woman who was raped and placed in a container by Halliburton employees about to be prime time, and as we watch we should sit in amazement at what leads and what doesn’t see the light of day!

Is the media simply selling sex in this way, or the feminist view of the world? Do there viewer numbers go up when “gang rape” leads? How unsophisticated I must be on how to run a business!

Expect to hear of more “gang rapes” in the future as these issues trump 2 wars, Sudan genocide, 5 bomb attacks and another train wreck in India that kills several hundred. One girl’s rape is more important than many mores people’s death it would seem.

Should not 2 deaths trump 1 in leading a story? Should not 1000s of rapes suicides and genocide trump one gang rape? I guess logic doesn’t rule here, as women’s desires are more important than pain, suffering and logic. Welcome to the matriarchal world we live in, and the new phase of gang rape hititng the airwaves. Yet we should add another MRA word to our list with the phrase “Media Gang Rape” of how they are screwing men from all directions on almost all occasions. Ironic isn’t it?

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