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Voice Against Gender Biased Laws and Family Breaking FemiNAZIs.


For hundreds of years the Mennonites, Hutterites and Amish people have lived quietly in their peaceful portions of North America, they often being the exceptions (like the aboriginals) to the general hectic flow of life for most North Americans. With old fashion clothes, dressed in opposition to European military uniforms; beards (no moustaches), black hooks (no brass buttons), and humble deep colored black & blue clothes (no bright color uniforms) they have found a balance with the rest of the world around them by paying their taxes and minding their own business. To date they have been allowed to carry on in their own ways under successive governments going back to the time when these people fled authoritative governments in Germany, Switzerland and France. Yet no more, the long arm of the French has finally found them at last in their small corner of Roxton Falls, Quebec. The humanists-socialists have come to call and the new faith says the Mennonites must submit to the morality of the multicultural state, and the state’s multiculturalism doesn’t like their old patriarchal Christian culture. Multiculturalism doesn’t mean tolerance of other cultures it would seem, but seems to mean submit to the multiculturalism of the intellectuals in Quebec City, Paris, Berlin, Ottawa, Brussels and the UN.

The Quebec government, after asking these people to come from other regions of Canada, probably due to Quebec’s having the lowest birth rate in North American, has now seen fit to change the game. Now following their cousins in Europe the Quebec government has demanded the Mennonites fall into line, and to this effect demanded the Mennonite children be taught in the their forum of bureaucratic educational system or have their children taken away and placed in foster homes where they will learn to be tolerant or else! The nanny state is a know-it-all state, and only she knows what best for the kids.

Don’t hold you breath on the UN coming to the aid of these peoples for being patriarchal, Christian, environmentally friendly, self-sufficient and pacifists. The UN’s record on protecting Christians is not very good as of late.

The new French Chateau Clique of Quebec can’t have patriarchal Christians teaching their kids morality their way, in their homes or in small schools, even though these people are the most law abiding segments of the population for centuries. Mennonites also have close family units and have lots of children, everything the state doesn’t know how to do these days despite micromanages everything in all families of Quebec citizens.

One has to admire these people as they are not afraid to follow their beliefs and are leaving for friendlier pastures in other parts of Canada, which means no automobiles just horses and wagons, like their ancestors did centuries before. They unlike many of us, know what happens when the state gets a hold of your kid’s morality! With the Quebec birth rate so pathetically low they may outlast these pseudo-intellectuals, and be around to move in after the last abortion shot is fired. They won’t dance on the grave of the statist state though, for they don’t like such emotional displays, but they might have a community barn raising there, where the old parliament was, just to put something useful in its place!

Here are some points from the Vancouver Sun article

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