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      Dear Sir/madam,

      One of my close relatives is being severly harassed by his wife. She is threatening to implicate him and his parents and his sister ( who is married and does not live with them)under section 498a. It has been five and half years since they got married. They have one year old baby. The woman has abandoned the child twice. For the first five years they were alone in another city. After the child was born problems aggravated,as the child was a preterm baby. She got really frustrated with taking care of the baby boy even when there were two nurses employed 24×7 and two maids. She decided to go to her mom’s place for some time at the end of last year. After a month she came back and abandoned the 6 month old child with the husband who had no means of taking care of the baby as he has a very hectic job. The husband the next day took the baby to his mom who lives in another city who has been taking care of the baby since. After couple of months they both went for counselling and decided to re-unite. She came back to stay at my parents home. For six months she stayed with my parents although she kept visiting and staying with her parents frequently. Recently two weeks ago she again had an argument with my brother and called her family members at my mom’s place.They were around 15 people who manhandled the husband and his family and threatened that they will implicate the whole family under section 498a. She again left the child who actually is under medication. Now ,there is a mediator who knows both the families and is trying to arrive at a settlement. But the woman’s side is asking for a huge amount that probably the boy’s parents cannot afford.Could you please help the husband and family with some advice how to counter and face the terrorrism unleashed by the woman. They are completed shattered.The boy and his family is extremely respected in the society.Please help.



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      Hi Pari,

      You first have to file NC in police station that you are getting threats from girl family for 498a and DV. This will help you a lot in getting bail and further in case if they file it… Don’t delay it at all..

      Second thing youhave to do is join any nearest SIFF or Mynations local chapter and learn the tactics to play this game. don’t wait for game to begin…

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      Please do not wait for another day. The more delay you cause, the more sorry you will feel later. Pick up a good lawyer and file a case that there is a physical abuse and attempt to file a false 498a and DV. This is very simple logic. If they have threatened, there is a high possibility of doing it. So get anticipatory bails (AB) to all people living in home (including the kids). Remember always that a lawyer will say AB is not required. But insist him in doing it. If he is not capable, then just change the lawyer. The AB will not cost you much but will give you lot of peace.

      Once you have AB, their demands will take a downward trend. Just don’t delay. Once she knows that she will not get much, either she corrects herself or settle the matter out of court for mutual divorce.

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      What is NC to be filed in the police station.

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      The woman will file the complaint in UP where her parents live and as I have come to know there is no anticipatory bail available in UP. Please help

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      NC means Non-cognizable. It means before they file FIR you are knowing that that bi### is gonna to put you under trap of 498a and DV. so it will make their FIR and case week.. Don’t Delay it… just fille it immediately at nearest police station.

      I know In UP AB is not possible but Sorry I don’t have any crack for this..

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      Do the above n also try to tap the conversations (audio- video both) to uncover their true faces. Ask ur brothr to take her to restaurants n party n click pics as a proof that she was never threatened. Also ask him to write letters expressing his love to her n his son n post them thru registered post only n keep a record.

      Before AB get a protection order for ur family this wud gv u 3 days time to get an AB wenevr warrant is issued.

      N contact SIFF members in your area, we dont charge anythng, so u can freely discuss ur case.

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