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Abstract: This article is based on the observation of the author with regards to psychological development of Indian generation in conjunction with to Indian societal development that leads to fake feminism calling upon harassment of Indian husbands and their families in regards to fake cases. The author tries to highlight the root cause behind the personality development leading to destruction of Indian families and in turn society.


Observation: Indian society is a collectivist society focussing more on Family Integrity, loyalty, unity. The values extend to harmony, interdependence, concern for others. Whereas, fake cases leading to harassment of Indian husbands and their families are over powering to destroy Indian families and Indian Family structures.


Introduction: Today we see a drastic rise in fake cases day by day in India leading to only destruction. No one is happy today except for a toddler who has no sense of what’s going on around. Where is the Indian society heading? Why are fake cases increasing in Indian courts? Why do Indian women file false cases? Why are many Indians not reluctant to take and undue advantages? What is leading to the psychological development of the Indian generations?


Ideology and Practicality:

In India, FAMILY is the most important institution. Indian society is a collectivist society focussing more on Family Integrity, loyalty, unity. This can be called as opposite of individualism? The values extend to harmony, interdependence, concern for others. Readiness to cooperate with family members. Accepting the strengths, weaknesses, flaws of each family members and behaving such to respect others.

Each member of the family had their roles and responsibilities distributed and carried out respectably, and the decision making was authored to the eldest member of the family.

Also owing to unity, safety from intruders was assured. Women were also safe from #METOO kind of incidents, etc.

These members used to share a common income, common property, that were related to one another through kinship ties.

However, in late 1970’s and 80’s; the women (especially wives), owing to their selfish nature, came up with an intention that their husband’s income should not be used for other members in the family. And for it they created emotional dramas as well. Finally, were able to manage their husband to build up their own family ignoring others. This gave rise to the concept of nuclear families in India. However, this gave rise to ignoring old age parents as well.

E.g., #1: I remember an incident where an old man unknowingly came begging before a building where his son was employed at a bigger post in a reputed organisation. It came to notice to the office staffs and notified the young man (son) who later took him to his home where his wife (DIL) scolded the old man for begging in front of son’s office and insulted, abused and threw him away with disrespect.

Also, there are many Bollywood films on the subject (such as ‘Jaisi karni waisi bharni’, ‘Baghban’, etc.)

As these women were successful in taking their husbands away, the husbands thought that their wives are the ones who talks about benefits of family and life and went to obedience mode towards wives and unknowingly it turned into slavery. These wives later developed more dominating and controlling nature.

On this successful achievement, these women become guiders in their home and environment. They proactively tend to shape everyone’s psychology according to them. And the one who doesn’t follow becomes an ill person for them.



The discussion over human behaviour whether determined by the environment, either through prenatal preaching or during a person’s life learnings, or by a genes of a person has always been taken and is called nature versus nurture. The expression “nature and nurture” in English has been in use since long back to medieval French.

Nature relates to thinking of people as prewiring by genetic inheritance influence and other several biological factors. Whereas, Nurture relates to influence of external factors such as exposure, experience and learning on a product or individual.

However, today’s modern Indian women have absorbed the concept of feminism in a wrong way just to fulfil their ulterior motives. Hence, #FakeFeminism

Have you seen the Bournvita advertisement of mother looking towards development of child? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQF_nAqMgtA)  that says;

Hindi wordings:

“Mere bete ko jeet ki aadat tab lagegi, Jab wo muje harayega tab nahi, Jab me use jitne dungi, aakhir adate naa ek din me banti hai naa aasani se”

English meaning:

My son will get used to winning when he will beat me,

Not when i let him win….

After all, habits are not formed in a day, nor easily.

The above advertisement refers to a positive psychological development, where the boy (child) will also learn to struggle and win and will not blame anyone for his failure.

Whereas, on the other hand, above stated wives (nuclear family forming mothers) teach their child the other way. At the early stage of life, the child wants emotional care. These wives as mother teaches the child wrong like they care most and over fulfils their child’s emotional needs.

E.g., #2: I have witnessed a lady who when together not even let her 6-year-old (medically fine) son step down (on his own feet) to show that she cares very much for him. Actually, she’s hampering child’s physical development.

E.g., #3: I have witnessed many incidents where the such mothers’, when their encounters a ditch/hole/hurdle/etc., on road. Instead of guiding the child to pay attention while walking, rather blames the municipality/Government for not making plain roads.

By these kinds of learnings/preaching for developmental part of their life, these children learn to blame others for any mishaps in their life.

These children have for life seen and been in nuclear family and their mother usually curse others.

These children have only seen their mothers carrying out responsibilities in a dominating way towards a small family.

When these children grow up and step into the real world with added responsibilities feel exhausted and often encounter failures and behave like the world is wrong. And travel a wrong direction e.g., filing false cases, playing blame game, etc. coz. They have been taught and brought up the same way.

They have not been brought up to face the world/people/society and accept failures.

Actually, this gives rise to #FakeFeminism. Rather they call themselves as feminists.

In reality, Feminist psychology focusses on improving lives of women.

These wives (nuclear family forming mothers) have always been dominating their husbands and always made sure to keep them away from their family and well-wishers, and also made sure that they do not socialize; (only work and home). They started keeping an eye on all the activities of the husband in the name of care (emotional game). They demanded complete salary of their husband and husbands gave thinking that she cares for future. They demanded to be owner of everything purchased in the house in the name of tax benefit. These husbands did not understand and got used to everything and knowingly(unknowingly) became slave.

Also these women have pampered their children a lot as if there is none other like them. They feel that they are very important. For very smaller instances as well their mothers shout on their fathers blaming others as well.

Now children of these women have grown entire life seeing the same in their home and they are psychologically developed the same way.

This actually develops a personality resembling to Narcissistic Personality (also known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER is one of the personality disorder – a mental condition where people possess a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, puffed up sense of own importance, difficult relationships, and empathy-less behaviour towards others. Whereas, in reality it’s fake self-overconfidence rather brittle self-esteem which is endangered to the slightest criticism.

It symptomizes as;

  • Possessing a grandiose sense of self-importance
  • Possessing a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
  • Superiority expectations even without achievements
  • They exaggerate achievements and talents
  • They are very absorbed into their own world about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
  • They takeover/control conversations and run down on people they perceive as inferior
  • They expect special favours undoubting their expectations
  • Taking advantage of others in the event of gaining what they want
  • They are completely empathetic
  • They be envious of others and believe others envy them
  • They behave in an egotistical manner
  • They stand up for having the best of everything — for instance, the best house or mode of transport
  • They become impatient or angry easily in failure of special treatment
  • They become violent or try to dismiss other person to make themselves appear superior and when they experience failure, here they often step in to Sadistic personality
  • They experience major problems dealing with stress or adapting to change
  • They are moody.

How do they control you?

Stage1: They do their homework to access your weak points and use them Sell themselves to you. They entrap you to trust them by being the perfect partner. For them no one is better than you.

Stage 2: Once you are into them then the second phase starts where they start control and manipulate you. They try to separate you from the person who they are afraid can bring you out of them.

Stage 3: Third stage of the game is to bring you down on yourself, so that you only do what is right according to them. They blame you for any mishappenings’ or unfortunate incidents (many a times they purposely do or create situations for or fake mishappenings’ or unfortunate incidents). This is when you get depressed and go into submissive mode or commit suicide.

And if you don’t go into submissive mode or commit suicide they turn into a SADDISTIC PERSONALITY.


SADDISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER is a personality disorder involving sadism. While a sadist person derives pleasure through others undergoing discomfort or pain.

They display recurrent aggression and cruel behaviour that involves emotional cruelty, manipulating others to point on you through use of fear and/or with violence.

Psychological research has found that relationships have “direct influences” on physiological, immune, neurosensory, and other cardiovascular mechanisms. So, bad relationship leads to depression and stress in people. According to the American Psychological Association, men aren’t reporting emotional and physical symptoms of stress. Unfortunately, Indian government is supporting this #FakeFeminism and building more stricter laws that are grossly being misused by these women to fulfil their ulterior motives, that creates harassment on men (husbands) that goes detrimental to MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH that is stated in details at Ref: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3710115 

The survey conducted by the National Family Health Survey which throws light on unprovoked violence against men by women is evident in the face. Notwithstanding the fact that double the numbers of men commit suicide compared to women, it should not be a surprise to ask for a law to protect men as such a law for women already exist. It would be preposterous in this age of gender equality, not to have such a law. Such a law to protect men from domestic violence would act occurs to millions of those men who feel victimized and left out.

These days MEN are becoming victims of domestic violence, abuse against men in the home is on the rise. Suicide in Indian Men is rising after marriage. Suicide is on the rise because violence against men is rising.

Ref: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3717515

The term “Domestic Violence/Abuse” covers a broad range of violent acts committed by one member of a family or household against another. It often refers to the mistreatment of a child or spouse and can include not only physical harm, but also threats and verbal, psychological, and sexual abuse.

There is a gross misuse of these laws on domestic front creating violence on men that is stated in details at

Ref: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3665274

India has always pulled over mean and unfair treatment of women. Looking to the way Indian women are harassing husbands/men by filing false cases taking disadvantages of laws to satisfy their ego and settle out scores, Indian Families are heading towards destruction. The reason being the gender biased Indian system and laws (anti-men laws in the name of laws to protect women)

This ultimately is a destruction of Indian society, family and matrimony that is stated at

Ref: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3690948

Supreme Court of India has even termed this as LEGAL TERRORISM however, laws are not being reformed looking towards the misuse to control #FakeFeminism.

Declaration: The author/s declare that there are no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article nor are they affiliated with any Political Parties or Religious organizations.

Funding: The author/s have received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. This research study is self-funded by the authors.

Disclaimer: This Research study does not used any Fake statistics to justify any views expressed by the authors, Most Statistics used can be found on NCRB or respective Government Ministry websites.

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