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Raagi rotti – Finger millet Roti


Ragi- 1 cup
onions- 1/2 (Chop thinly)
tamarind paste – a tad bit
water – 1 1/4 cup
salt – 1 tsp


mustard-1/2 tsp
curry leaves-2 sprigs
g.chillies- 4(thin round slices)


Heat oil in a big sauce pan.Crackle mustard seeds.Add chillies, fry them and then add curry leaves.Now add onions and fry just for 2 min.
Now add 1 1/4 cup of water.Once heated add the tad bit of tamarind paste and mix till color of water changes.Now add salt(1tsp).Close the sauce pan and let the water boil.
Once the water boils reduce the flame completely and add the ragi flour as a heap in the centre and just put a laddle in the center and close the lid and the let the ragi cook for just another 10 min.
Now switch off the flame,mix the ragi flour with the ladle briskly.
Once the dough becomes warm and pliable make into 3 equal balls.
Now pat it onto a med hot pan with oil as base, like a roti and fry equally on both sides with oil.(Tip:Just spray ur hand with water before patting so that it is easy to make a thin dough or else try pressing the dough with a flat spatula to give a thin & round shape)
Now serve this nutritious roti with ghee/ sugar/ pickle or just about anything and it’s all your choice.

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