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Sweet Ragi Rotti

Ragi(Finger Millet) is widely used in Karnataka, its rich in carbohydrate, protein and fiber, 100 grams of Ragi has an average of 340KCal of energy.

4 cups Ragi Flour (2 Rotis)
100g Jaggari
Half coconut milk
Salt to taste

In a bowl take ragi flour,jaggari and mix well with coconut milk(you can use water too),
add pinch of salt to taste,
add 2 spoon of pure ghee and make thick dough and set aside for a while

Heat a iron griddle(tawa,)
apply some oil or spread all over,
take required ragi mix for a roti and spread on griddle with your fingers.
flatten as thin as possible and even, make it round in shape.
same you can spread in a plate and put it on tawa to avoid heat to hands.
cook for some time and turn and other side and apply little ghee and do the same again in other side.
once done serve with spicy coconut/tomato chutney or eat just like that.

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