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Making it short:

My inlaws have been asking for dowry under diff. excuses in 5 years of my marriage. My brother in law is the master mind and others are his allies .He called my husband to another city after 9 months of my marriage as a business partner.Since then they have not paid anything to me for maintenance.In between my jeth {BIL} gave in written that he undertakes that he will see my husband would fulfill his family responsibilities which he has not done since 1.5 years and took me to their city with my child.But after 6 months he sent me away with my husband to a third city.My husband gave nothing to me in name of money and just provided food, not even clothes.When mu dad got retired jeth who was ill with kidney stones called us and even though he got relieved, my husband was unwilling to return.My Mother In Law beat me without reasons. Then my husband left me top my parents home.I have filed case against all of them

But I have only these proofs:L

1. written undertaking of brother in law that my jeth was a partner with his younger brother on business and he was taking responsibility that my husband would take care of me and the baby.He also signed that for 1.5 years my husband had not acted responsibly towards me and baby.

2.medical billls of my baby’s birth in hospital

3.Educational fee and allied bills of my son.

Is my case strong enough to get me justice?