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It’s not Story; whatever men says is Story to women. And they think they are telling truth and world should believe in them.

Coz we all gone through similar situation;

My Ex accused me having sex with my every neighbor and all women in my office and even i was not having video player she told that i used to bring blue videos and asking her to do as in blue Films. And everyone from her family believed in her words. Coz i was popular with neighbor’s kids, as i was teaching them sports, early morning jogging, cycling, trekking, and mountaineering. Good hobbies like stamp/coin/note collecting than roaming around. And their mothers were happy felt safe when their kids are with me. And even i challenged these ladies in cooking and we used to exchange sweets and dishes i made of my native.

Result my Ex blamed me may be some of those kids are mine. That’s women mentality.